Many disputes which end up in litigation involve data storage devices; cell phones, computers and cloud services can all provide evidence to prove or disprove a claim. Epps Digital Forensics Evaluation can provide analyze these systems and provide factual data to assist in the litigation process. The professionals at Epps Forensic Consulting have a proven track record of not only providing technically-sound analysis and compelling opinions, but also in presenting that information in a way that is understandable and clear to technical and non-technical people including judges and juries.

Successful expert testimony is dependent upon the credibility, integrity and objectivity of the witness coupled with the ability to teach and persuade. Our commitment to these principles makes us especially well-suited to assist in litigation matters; whether it is delivering expert witness, consultative, litigation support, or alternative dispute resolution services.

Many disputes start out as inquiries. Through discovery assistance, such as detailing recommended production and interrogatory requests, deposition questions along with the subsequent analysis of facts and data, Epps Forensic Consulting assists attorneys in determining the magnitude of issues, setting them out in a manner which allows the client to determine how to proceed.

A “Fraudulent” act is subject to a specific legal construct. Its proof is different between civil and criminal cases and can be different by jurisdiction. Epps Forensic Consulting professionals are practiced in assisting legal counsel with the evaluation of financial issues specific to multiple types of fraud, including, but not limited to healthcare fraud, mortgage fraud, embezzlement and securities fraud.

When an individual is alleged to have committed a serious crime based on financial motivation, it may be necessary to perform a financial condition analysis. Epps Forensic Consulting professionals are experienced in assisting legal counsel with the analysis of financial condition as it may apply to evaluating financial motive for various types of alleged criminal acts such as arson, murder and other criminal cases.

“Hidden assets” represent assets that are undisclosed or not “on the books”. They can include anything from undisclosed bank accounts to a net operating loss carryforward on a Federal Income Tax Return. Epps Forensic Consulting professionals are experts in assisting legal counsel to locate and document a variety of assets; such as, real estate, cars, boats, airplanes, unreported income, and more.

Money laundering schemes seek to conceal the origin of proceeds derived from criminal conduct. This may be accomplished through a complex system of intermingling illegally obtained monies with legitimate money and other assets, fund transfers between funnel accounts, or intermediary asset conversion. Epps Forensic Consulting professionals are practiced experts in assisting legal counsel with the evaluation and analysis of financial documentation, which is often voluminous and complex.

The means by which assets are misappropriated, whether by a third party (theft) or somebody entrusted with a fiduciary responsibility (embezzlement) can be as diverse as they are creative. Combine this with limitations that can stem from record availability constraints and it can quickly complicate finding answers to questions such as:

  • What was stolen
  • How was it stolen
  • When was it stolen
  • Who stole it
  • What was it worth
The financial forensic experts at Epps Forensic Consulting specialize in navigating these robust scenarios to provide insurance carriers the answers needed for timely and accurate claim resolution.

Continuing Legal Education
Epps Digital Forensics also provides both formal and informal Continuing Professional Education courses at no cost to adjusters and insurance carriers. Contact Karl Epps if you have an interest in our Continuing Professional Education (CPE) courses.