Computer systems and the data stored in them are crucial components of almost every business.  When a loss event causes partial or total damage to computer systems there are many impacts to the business and the claim.  The objective of both the insured and insurer is for the insured to restore operations as quickly and cost effectively as possible.  Also, timely evaluation of the extent of computer and data loss and the cost of repair and/or replacement expedites the adjusting process.  The fact is that even if the insured has a computer consultant, they may or may not have the technical expertise or capacity to evaluate the damage caused by the loss and to quickly set up a temporary system or implement a permanent restoration solution.  In cases where the insured has a consultant, we work with their technology expert to restore the insured to their pre-loss state quickly and efficiently.

In many cases, the computer and network technology loss portions of a claim are overpaid.  This is primarily due to the highly technical nature of the equipment and the processes, skills and personnel necessary to get the technology restored to its pre-loss working state.  We can facilitate in providing the knowledge and claims management for the computer/network portion of any claim.  We can also provide the insured with knowledgeable assistance in recovering from their loss and provide the adjuster with the assurance that the insured will be restored to their previous condition as required by coverage policies in a courteous, professional and timely manner.

Our computer loss analysis services include:

Verification of the status of hardware at the time of loss and the cost required to repair and/or replace hardware and software.

Verification of the status of hardware at the time of loss and the cost required to repair and/or replace hardware and software.

Where the insured has, or has hired, a computer consultant to perform post-loss work, we can monitor that work to verify that the subsequent consultant billings are reasonable in relation to the damage. In many cases, a discussion with the insured’s computer consultant immediately after the loss can assist in the recovery process and identify situations where the insured’s computer consultant may not have the capacity to provide a timely recovery of computer system operations.

We can provide both ACV and RCV pricing for damages to equipment and software. These are areas where upgrades typically occur which are inconsistent with policy coverage and which unnecessarily increase the amount of the claim.

When there is a partial loss, we can perform repairs to computers and networks so that the insured can resume operations as quickly as possible.

In major loss situations it is often crucial for the insured to resume operations as quickly as possible. Resumption of operations most often requires a working computer system. We can set up temporary systems and ultimately restore the computer systems of the insured. Our knowledge of claims processes and what is required to restore computer systems quickly and cost effectively will allow the insured to protect their business by having working computer systems necessary to resume operations as quickly as possible after a loss.

When a hard drive is damaged it is often possible to recover the data from the damaged drive. We can test drives and, where possible, restore data in order to allow full or partial restoration of data in order to minimize the suspension of business and the high costs associated with reconstruct data.

In some instances, there is a partial loss of data due to a loss event. We can analyze the hard drives in order to verify the cause of loss and the extent to which data was lost.