A core principle at Epps Forensic Consulting is that knowledge is a key to success. As a resource to our clients, this section of our website provides information developed by our professionals as well as industry insights on financial forensic topics and forensic technology, trends, and issues affecting you. Registered users will also find access to professional training content.

Professional Training: Financial Forensics in Law Enforcement

Law enforcement officers that are in a position to perform financial investigations are often confronted with complexities that exceed their background and training. These limitations can inhibit not only an investigation’s progress, but also the effectiveness of resulting evidence offered at trial. Epps Forensic Consulting Staff includes a former law enforcement officer – turned financial forensics expert – who participated in the development of a professional training program geared toward local law enforcement professionals to address this very issue.

The Financial Forensics in Law Enforcement (FFLE)™ course is a foundational training program aimed to teach officers how to adapt basic financial forensic techniques and theory to specific requirements that change from case to case. It is an introductory course, intended to serve as a starting point for what can seamlessly expand to other more specialized training to meet organizational need. Contact Dave Sutherland or Joe Epps today for more details and how the course can be tailored to the needs of your professionals.